Cha-no-wa luxury matcha

Discover the deliciousness of premium matcha and green teas with Cha no wa

Cha no wa is an authentic luxury matcha specialist

Cha No Wa: A passion for tea, a dedication to deliciousness

An real luxury matcha specialty shop, Cha no wa is committed to giving consumers a memorable matcha experience. A well-known tea shop in Hiroshima, Japan, that has been operating for more than 60 years founded the store. The company is passionate about tea and continually looks for new and creative ways to enjoy matcha while pushing the limits of taste. Hiroshima is not a region where tea is produced, yet the company can nevertheless obtain a wide range of teas from all across Japan. They are able to develop fresh, intriguing

concepts as a result of being liberated from the strict traditions of each prefecture. Cha no wa’s ultimate objective is to offer them a wonderful experience that is centred around the pursuit of the deliciousness of matcha.

Cha no wa offers Business Opportunities

Cha No Wa: A multi-faceted business that offers retail and wholesale options”

Cha no wa is a multifaceted company that sells both its own brand of matcha and tea as well as off-brand matcha and green tea in wholesale quantities. They also own and run their own stores and provide franchise options to others who want to create a store using the Cha no wa name. Cha no wa is an expert green tea and matcha wholesaler with a proven track record of selling to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The company was founded by a well-known tea shop that has been operating in Hiroshima for more than 60 years and has a reputation for offering premium

teas and first-rate customer care. Their knowledge of where to find and supply top matcha and green teas, Their dedication to producing distinctive and delectable confections and cakes sets them apart from other suppliers in the sector. The business serves as a one-stop shop for all matcha and green tea-related needs thanks to its wholesale and retail activities.

Cha No Wa and Mr.Haruhide Morita: A winning combination for sourcing the finest teas

Mr. Haruhide Morita is a master tea appraiser who is not only well-known and skilled in Japan, but also very accomplished. Because of his expertise and understanding in the field of tea appraisal, he has received numerous honors and prizes. He has won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award three times and the National Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques three times. He has also won the Kyoto Prefectural Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques five times.

These achievements demonstrate his exceptional abilities and expertise in identifying and evaluating the quality of different teas and highlights the level of trust that can be placed in his appraisals.
Mr Morita’s expertise and discerning palate, combined with his many years of experience and multiple awards, make him one of the most respected and accomplished tea appraisers in Japan. His contribution to the company’s commitment to sourcing only the highest quality teas is invaluable.