Matcha Milk Sweets (Emerald) – 10 Piece Package


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Matcha Milk Sweets (Emerald) – 10 Piece Package


Indulge in the rich and velvety flavor of Matcha Milk Confectioneries (Emerald), made with a balanced combination of Matcha and Milk filling.

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Are you a matcha enthusiast? Discover the delight of our Matcha Cha-no-wa Treats! These exquisite snacks blend the unique taste of matcha with creamy milk, offering a lush green appearance and silky texture that truly live up to their “Emerald” moniker.

Crafted from premium ingredients such as Japanese wheat flour, white kidney beans, natural sugar, unsalted butter, a special confectionery mix, dairy, whole eggs, chocolate, pure honey, condensed milk, matcha, a pinch of salt, baking powder, enzymes, emulsifiers, lecithin, stabilizers, pH adjusters, sodium metasilicate, natural flavors, and polysaccharide thickeners.

Perfect for an afternoon boost or sharing a sweet moment with loved ones, our Matcha Cha-no-wa Milk Treats (Emerald) are an excellent way to introduce the distinctive flavor of matcha to anyone.

Place your order for Matcha Cha-no-wa Milk Treats (Emerald) today and indulge in the sophisticated taste of matcha!

Matcha is produced from the finest Gyokuro tea leaves, cultivated in Japan’s Uji region. It offers a deep, earthy taste that beautifully complements the sweetness of milk.

Weight 290 g