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Cha-no-wa: The Art of Matcha Sweets

Cha-no-wa is a Japanese matcha brand that has been crafting exquisite sweets infused with the finest Uji region matcha, Cha-no-wa comes from a lineage of a tea specialty shop over 60 years old. Founded in Hiroshima, Japan, Cha-no-wa uses only the highest quality ingredients and crafts each sweet with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The secret to Cha-no-was irresistible matcha sweets lies in the heart of Uji, a region famed for producing the finest matcha in Japan. Cha-no-wa uses only the highest quality Uji matcha, which is handpicked by Mr. Haruhide Morita, a master tea appraiser. Mr. Morita’s expertise, knowledge, and skill have garnered him numerous accolades, including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award (thrice), the National Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques (thrice), and the Kyoto Prefectural Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques (five times).

Thanks to Mr. Morita’s discerning eye and unparalleled understanding of tea, Cha-no-wa can promise its customers a matcha experience like no other. The company’s matcha sweets are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients. The result is a range of sweets that are both delicious and visually stunning.

Cha-no-was matcha sweets are a perfect way to enjoy the unique flavor and health benefits of matcha. Whether you’re looking for a traditional matcha treat like matcha mochi or something more modern like a matcha butter cake, Cha-no-wa has something to satisfy your matcha craving.

Join us on this exquisite journey and discover the unparalleled world of Cha-no-wa matcha sweets. We promise to elevate your senses and offer you an unforgettable indulgence in every bite.

At the Cha-no-wa, we are honored to have Mr. Haruhide Morita, Japan’s foremost tea appraiser, as an advisor. With his profound knowledge of tea, Mr. Morita meticulously blends the highest quality Uji matcha, known as ‘Kintenkaku’. This matcha, priced at no less than 50,000 yen per kilogram, is specifically tailored to complement the characteristics of our Mattcha sweets

Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture is finely finished with a
stone mill grind

Located in Hiroshima, our tea shop takes pride in being a connoisseur of delectable ingredients, unconfined by regional limitations, despite not being a tea-producing region. All of Cha-no-wa’s products are exclusively crafted using Uji matcha sourced from Kyoto Prefecture. Through the meticulous stone mill grinding technique, we achieve an exquisite texture, resulting in exceptionally fine matcha particles.

When evaluating the quality of matcha, three points are often cited: taste, color, and aroma, but the sweets in Cha-no-wa use high-quality matcha that taste is so good that it can be drunk as it is.

We collaborated with two highly skilled pastry chefs to create a delicious assortment of matcha sweets

Additionally, we primarily operated as a tea shop rather than a confectionery shop. Creating delectable matcha sweets proved to be a challenge as simply adding matcha to existing recipes did not yield satisfactory results. Each confectionery has its own unique recipe, but we found it necessary to incorporate significantly more matcha than what is typically used by confectioners. This alteration caused noticeable changes in the texture and characteristics of the dough, prompting us to reevaluate the entire baking process. Consequently, we reached out to two highly skilled pastry chefs, Mr. Yoshihiro Yamakawa, the esteemed first pastry chef of Antenor, and Mr. Shotaro Hanaguchi, an exceptionally talented individual who achieved third place in the individual category at the Coupe de Mond World Competition. They graciously agreed to collaborate with us in developing the perfect matcha sweet recipes.

Many companies constantly approach Chef Yoshihiro Yamakawa with production requests.

Chef Yamakawa, known for his expertise in using matcha from Uji, a tea-producing region, is renowned for his sweet creations. With over 40 years of experience, he has developed recipes that showcase his deep understanding of matcha. In his early days as the first chef of the pastry shop “Antenor” in Kobe, Mr. Yamakawa gained recognition for his sweets, which were featured in prestigious magazines like “Fujingaho” and “Vincentkan”. One of his notable achievements was the successful introduction of maple syrup pies at Malebranche, resulting in a tenfold increase in sales. Even to this day, his skills are highly sought after, with numerous companies approaching him for various culinary projects. His desserts are beloved for their genuine tea flavor and dedication to using high-quality ingredients. Both Cha-no-wa and Mr. Yamakawa share a common passion and commitment to creating exceptional tea-infused treats..

Chef Shotaro Hanaguchi is an internationally renowned chocolate master, highly esteemed for his expertise in the global culinary scene.

Chef Hanaguchi, renowned for his mastery of chocolate, is well-versed in the harmonious combination of matcha and white chocolate. In 1997, following his victory in a national competition, he decided to establish his own restaurant, “Patisserie Image,” nestled in a peaceful residential area just a 20-minute drive from Hiroshima city. During this period, he successfully passed the domestic qualifiers of the prestigious “Coupe de Monde,” often referred to as the World Cup of Western confectionery. Upon confirmation of their participation in the global competition, Chef Hirohiro Tsujiguchi, the proprietor and chef of “Mont Saint Clair,” joined forces with Chef Hanaguchi in their shared pursuit of international recognition. As part of the emerging All-Japan team, they embarked on this challenge and achieved remarkable individual and team results, securing second place and third place respectively. To craft the ultimate matcha delicacies unique to Chef Hanaguchi’s expertise, Cha-no-wa has entrusted Chef Hanaguchi with the finest matcha available.