About Us

Welcome to Cha No Wa, your destination for indulgent and luxurious matcha sweets crafted to perfection. Founded in Japan, our company is renowned for offering exquisite delicacies infused with the highest quality Uji region matcha. As a leading Japanese brand, we are committed to sharing the authentic flavours of Japan’s finest green tea through our exceptional matcha sweets.

Our Heritage

Our journey began over 60 years ago in Hiroshima, where our distinguished tea shop earned a reputation for delivering premium teas and unparalleled customer service. As our passion for matcha grew, we expanded into the art of creating luxury matcha sweets, and Cha No Wa was born. Today, we are a proud exporter of our delectable products to discerning customers in markets such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Uji Matcha: The Essence of Cha No Wa

The secret to our irresistible matcha sweets lies in the heart of Uji, a region famed for producing the finest matcha in Japan. Our commitment to quality ensures that we use only the best Uji matcha.

The Master Behind Our Matcha:
Mr. Haruhide Morita

At Cha No Wa, we are honored to have Mr. Haruhide Morita, a master tea appraiser, handpick the tea that forms the essence of our sweets. His expertise, knowledge, and skill have garnered him numerous accolades, including the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award (thrice), the National Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques (thrice), and the Kyoto Prefectural Competition for Tea Appraisal Techniques (five times)

Thanks to Mr. Morita’s discerning eye and unparalleled understanding of tea, we can promise our customers a matcha experience like no other.

Our Promise

At Cha No Wa, we strive to deliver an unmatched taste of luxury, combining the finest Uji matcha with our mastery in crafting irresistible sweets. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to sharing the authentic flavors of Japan drives us to continually innovate and expand our range of matcha sweets, delighting taste buds worldwide.

Join us on this exquisite journey and discover the unparalleled world of Cha No Wa matcha sweets. We promise to elevate your senses and offer you an unforgettable indulgence in every bite.