Hiroshima’s Finest: Matcha Momiji Manju 12 pieces


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Hiroshima’s Finest: Matcha Momiji Manju 12 pieces


High-quality matcha with red bean paste in the middle makes up the “Matcha Momiji Manju,” a traditional Japanese confection manufactured in Hiroshima. Matcha aficionados will adore this treat because it combines matcha’s savoury, earthy flavour with red bean paste’s sweet, creamy texture.

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If you’re looking for a truly authentic Japanese treat, then you’ll love our Matcha Momiji Manju. These delicate pastries are made with the highest quality matcha powder and filled with sweet, creamy red bean paste. Each bite melts in your mouth, releasing a harmonious blend of bitter and sweet, savory and smooth.

The Matcha Momiji Manju is made with love and care in Hiroshima, Japan. The name “Momiji” means maple leaf, and the pastries are shaped like maple leaves. This makes them a perfect treat to enjoy during the fall season when the maple trees in Japan are ablaze with color.

The Matcha Momiji Manju is also a great way to introduce someone to the delicious taste of matcha. The matcha powder used in these pastries is of the highest quality, and it has a rich, earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the red bean paste.


Weight 790 g

Product Info

【Shelf life】20 days after manufacture
【Product size】Approx. 6 cm×5 cm (measured at the longest part of the leaf)
【Shipping condition】Flight Room temperature

Product Ingredients

Premium Ingredient

Domestic Sugar: Sourced locally in Japan.
Fresh Eggs high-quality: For unmatched richness.
Select Wheat Flour: Chosen for its premium quality.
Azuki Beans: Adds a delightful, nutty taste.
Vegetable Oil & Creamy Butter: For perfect moistness.
Milk Ingredients: Introducing creaminess with milk and whole milk powder.
Natural Sweeteners: Golden corn syrup and rice syrup for depth.
Authentic Green Tea Powder: An exotic flavor note.
Flavor Enhancements: Trehalose, sorbitol, and amino acid flavorings for that extra touch.
Textural Perfection: Emulsifiers, baking powder, and starches ensure every bite is just right.

Allergen Alert: Contains soybeans, eggs, wheat, and milk