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Introducing Matcha Pressed: The Essence of Tradition, Redefined for Modernity

Matcha Pressed is a revolution in the realm of premium tea experiences, emanating from a venerable tea shop with a rich heritage of 68 years in the heart of Hiroshima. With a steadfast commitment to innovation while honoring the artisanal craft of tea-making, Matcha Pressed is a testament to our unique legacy in the tea industry.

The ritual of tea has evolved through the ages. As we moved into the Heisei era, the emergence of bottled beverages marked a shift away from traditional tea-brewing practices. The art of enjoying a freshly whisked matcha has been dwindling, often due to the absence of tea utensils in modern homes and the perceived effort involved in the preparation process.

Addressing the voices of our discerning clientele who seek the authentic taste of matcha without the intricacies of its preparation, Matcha Pressed was conceived. This innovative, liquid matcha blend offers the full-bodied, exquisite flavor of high-grade matcha in a convenient, ready-to-mix format.

Crafted for the connoisseur, Matcha Pressed dissolves seamlessly into water, milk, or any other liquid, encapsulating the vibrant essence of matcha in every drop. Designed to fit effortlessly into the contemporary lifestyle, our liquid matcha allows for the enjoyment of a luxurious matcha drink with just a teacup and spoon, or from a portable bottle—redefining the matcha experience for the aficionado on-the-go.

Matcha Pressed is not just a product—it’s an encounter with luxury, tradition, and ease, all in one. It’s an invitation to indulge in the unparalleled purity and richness of matcha, reimagined for today’s discerning palate. Welcome to the future of matcha, brought to life by Matcha Pressed.