Matcha Mochi Delight: 24-Piece Set with Matcha Sugar


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Matcha Mochi Delight: 24-Piece Set with Matcha Sugar


The package will be renewed from March 2024.
Enjoy the perfect combination of chewy mochi and the taste of premium matcha with our Matcha Mochi set. Includes 24 pieces of mochi and a packet of matcha sugar for a delicious matcha experience.
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If you’re a fan of mochi and matcha, then you’ll love our Matcha Mochi Set. This set includes 24 pieces of chewy mochi made from glutinous rice and the rich, earthy flavor of premium matcha. The matcha sugar provided in the set brings the perfect balance of sweetness that pairs well with the moist and soft texture of the mochi. Each bite is a burst of flavor in your mouth, making it a perfect snack to enjoy any time of the day.

The mochi in this set is made with premium ingredients, including refined sugar, domestically produced rice flour, aromatic roasted soybean flour, premium matcha, high-grade bracken-starch dumpling powder, pure trehalose, superior processed starch, natural emulsifiers, and beneficial enzymes. The matcha sugar is also made with premium ingredients, including fine powdered sugar and premium matcha (domestically produced).

This set is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone special, or as a gift for mochi and matcha lovers. It’s a must-try for anyone looking for the perfect match of chewy texture and premium matcha taste.


Weight 270 g

Product info

【Quantity】24 mochi , 1 bag of matcha sugar

【Shelf life】33 days after manufacture

【Product size】Diameter about 2cm per mochi

【Shipping condition】Flight Room temperature

【Box Size】21.5cm×12.5cm×2.5cm

Product Ingredients


Sugar, rice flour (domestically produced), kina flour, matcha, strawberry flour/trehalose, modified starch, emulsifier, enzyme, (including some soybeans)

“Matcha Sugar”

Powdered sugar, matcha (domestically produced)