Matcha Crisp: Matcha Sakuroru 10 Pieces


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Matcha Crisp: Matcha Sakuroru 10 Pieces


Indulge in the rich flavor of dark matcha with a light texture and low sweetness in our Matcha Sakuroru. These crispy treats are perfect for those looking for a less sweet matcha snack.

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Experience the rich flavor of dark matcha with a light and crispy texture in our Matcha Sakuroru. These treats are made with a special blend of dark matcha powder, known for its intense and complex flavor profile, with stronger bitter notes that balance with the sweetness. The light texture of the Sakuroru allows you to fully enjoy the rich matcha flavor and aroma. The Matcha Sakuroru is perfect for those who want to enjoy the taste of matcha it is perfect for any time of the day, as a snack or even as a dessert. These treats are also great as a gift for matcha lovers or to share with friends and family during any occasions. Experience the unique and satisfying taste of dark matcha with our Matcha Sakuroru. Order yours today and enjoy the perfect balance of flavors in every bite!

High-Quality Ingredients

Exquisite matcha chocolate (made in Japan), premium sugar, high quality egg whites, superior wheat flour, dairy-based nourishing food, premium dark matcha, high-grade shortening, pure vegetable fats and oils, rich dried egg yolk, essential salt / emulsifiers, natural flavorings, vibrant carotenoid pigments (contains soy, eggs, wheat, and dairy components in select portions).


Weight 160 g

Product info

【Shelf life】60 days after manufacture

【Product size】Length about 10cm

【Shipping condition] Room temperature

【Box Size】15cm×23cm×2.5cm

Product Ingredients

Matcha chocolate, sugar, egg white, flour, milk, etc. as the main ingredients, matcha, shortening, vegetable oil, dried egg yolk, table salt Emulsifiers, flavourings, carotene pigments, (some contain soybeans, eggs, wheat, and dairy ingredients)