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Indulge in the refined flavors of matcha at the family-run Cha-no-wa Cafe, located a brief walk from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. With 60 years of heritage, this luxury matcha cafe specializes in exquisite matcha drinks and sweets crafted from high-quality matcha selected by esteemed tea master, Mr. Haruhide Morita.

Our menu offers a variety of matcha delights, including smooth matcha lattes, creamy matcha parfaits, and delicate matcha crepes. Each item showcases the rich tradition and superior quality that Cha-no-wa Cafe is celebrated for.

Nestled only 350 meters from the historical Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, our cafe is a tranquil retreat for visitors exploring the poignant history of Hiroshima. The modern, relaxed atmosphere paired with traditional matcha offerings makes Cha-no-wa Cafe a unique and welcoming stop.

The convenient location on Peace Boulevard, reasonable prices, and friendly ambiance invite all to explore the authentic matcha experience that Cha-no-wa Cafe provides.

Ensure a visit to Cha-no-wa Cafe is on your itinerary when exploring Hiroshima. For more information on our offerings and location, visit