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Cha-no-wa Premium Green Tea: A Delicate and Refreshing Experience – 100g


Looking for a delicious and elegant way to enjoy the benefits of green tea? Look no further than our 100g green tea! This blend delivers a balanced umami taste with a hint of sweetness and a subtle bitterness, making it an ideal companion for sweet cakes. With an exquisite aroma and a crisp finish, it offers an elegant tea experience.

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Experience the delicate flavor of our Premium Green Tea, made with only the finest ingredients. This loose-leaf tea has a harmonious balance of umami and sweetness, creating a crisp and delightful experience. The mellow and refined aroma paired with its deep flavor profile allows you to enjoy a moment of pure tranquility.

Our Premium Green Tea is perfect for any occasion, from a relaxing morning cuppa to a delightful afternoon tea party. It also pairs beautifully with sweet treats, making it a perfect choice for dessert.

Order your Premium Green Tea today and taste the difference!

  • Contents: 100g of premium green tea
  • Best consumed within 1 year from production
  • Storage Method: Store at room temperature, away from high heat and humidity. Be mindful to avoid the transfer of odors.
  • Ingredients: Exclusively contains high-quality green tea.