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Savour the Summer with cha no wa’s Limited-Edition Matcha Green Tea Float

Savor the Summer with cha no wa’s Limited-Edition Matcha Green Tea Float

As the days grow warmer and the sun shines brighter, cha no wa presents the perfect companion to your summer escapades, the limited-edition “Matcha Green Tea Float”. An embodiment of our love for the green gem of the tea world, this is more than a drink – it is an experience that captivates your senses and delights your palate.💚

Imagine the layered journey of flavors that awaits you. The base, a rich matcha green tea prepared with meticulous care and traditional finesse, offers an aromatic welcome. It sets the stage, building a foundation of strong, earthy notes typical of matcha, interwoven with a subtle hint of natural sweetness.

But that’s just the beginning. Your senses will next encounter the duo of ice cream scoops – vanilla and matcha. The creamy smoothness of vanilla provides a harmonious contrast to the robust matcha, creating a spectacular symphony of tastes. The generous scoop of matcha ice cream reiterates the green tea’s profile, reinforcing its complex taste and subtly complementing the vanilla’s soothing notes.

And as the grand finale to this feast of flavors, the Matcha Green Tea Float is lovingly drizzled with a matcha chocolate sauce. This unique addition infuses a delightful twist, culminating in a concoction that is equal parts irresistible and unforgettable.

The Matcha Green Tea Float is more than just a summer treat; it is a testament to the versatility of matcha and cha no wa’s dedication to exploring the infinite possibilities it presents. It is a bold expression of our passion for matcha and the innovative ways it can be woven into contemporary recipes, without losing its essence or diluting its heritage. 😋

As the balmy breeze dances through the air and the sound of the waves lulls you into tranquility, nothing complements the summer landscape better than our Matcha Green Tea Float. Indulge in the magic of matcha, take a sip, and let the refreshing goodness transport you to the serene tea gardens of Japan.

Why resist when you can relish the celebration of matcha, ice cream, and chocolate? Invite friends and loved ones, share stories, make memories, and let our Matcha Green Tea Float become a part of your summer tradition.🍵

This is not just a beverage, but a journey that each matcha lover should embark on at least once. So, don’t miss out on this limited-edition delight! Come join us at cha no wa today and experience matcha like never before.