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Experience the Perfect Combination of Chewy Mochi and Premium Matcha with cha no wa’s Matcha Mochi

Introducing Matcha Mochi from Cha No Wa, the ideal fusion of chewy mochi and top-quality matcha. This mochi, which is made with only the best ingredients, comes with a packet of matcha sugar that you can sprinkle on top for more taste and sweetness. A wonderful and distinctive flavor is produced by combining the matcha’s savory, earthy flavor with the sweetness of the matcha sugar. It’s the ideal snack or dessert since each bite is bursting with flavor and texture. Matcha Mochi from cha no wa is available for wholesale or retail purchases, whether you’re wanting to stock up for your store or simply want to treat yourself. Why then wait? Give yourself a treat today and indulge in some Matcha Mochi from cha no wa.

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