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About Cha no wa

“Cha no wa” is a authentic luxury matcha specialty store created by a long-established tea shop that has been in business in Hiroshima for more than 60 years. Because we love tea, I am obsessed with its depth and challenge the taste like never before. Hiroshima, the birthplace of the tea, is not a tea production area. That’s why there were so many things we can could do. Because it is not a farm/production area, we can use for all kinds of teas nationwide. And a way of thinking that is not bound by the customs of each prefecture so we can create new ideas. “I want you to enjoy tea time in pursuit of the deliciousness of matcha.” It is the luxury of matcha that we arrived at while talking like this.

 Commitment to luxury.

What was needed for “cha no wa” was the skills of leading craftsmen who were particular about the real thing. A tea appraisal master in Uji, Kyoto, an expert pastry chef with a reputation for handling matcha, The best work people from all over the country gathered at the Tea Ring. “I want to create tea and sweets that convey the deliciousness of real matcha.” By connecting these thoughts together, we were able to in-brain our souls into our products and create a taste that could impress us. “This is still useless…” “It should be better…” A number of tea and Japanese and Western sweets that are made by continuing such repetitions. Please feel the taste of matcha sencha that colors luxury and the deliciousness of matcha sweets. It’s really different from what I’ve ever been doing. Yes, I want you to be impressed. We will continue to challenge the authentic taste. This is the heart of the craftsmen who gather in the “Tea Ring”.